Sweet Sugarless Easter Celebration Ideas

Easter doesn’t have to be sugar-filled to be fun.


We’ve always been a health conscious family, but even after four years of raising my little ones without sugar, I still draw a blank when it comes time for holiday celebrations with sugar. From Christmas cookies to chocolate rabbits, my most favorite holiday traditions are made of the stuff.


This is how we celebrate Easter without sugar.


1.       Put stickers or other small prizes inside of the eggs instead of candy. Stickers are great because they get used up like candy so you don't necessarily have to amass more toys. You can also put coins inside or, nothing. Especially if your kids are young, they don't need prizes inside their eggs to have fun with an egg hunt.

2.       Replace candy with a few natural sugar treats like dried fruit or fruit leather.

3.       Roll out bread dough and cut out Easter shapes with cookie cutters. Bake like cookies for fun shaped Easter Crackers. Pipe cream cheese onto them for decorations.


Do you do low-sugar Easter? How do you keep the sugar out of your celebrations?


  1. Hi there! I told my hubby about this last week..not giving sweets , but rather few toys or educational stuff. DVD about Easter , books about Easter. we would still do the egg hunt and Easter basket but would fill the eggs with sticker or a hair clip. I love your ideas!

    Stopping by from A Bountiful Love and I returned the love you gave..I'm your new follower! ( Google connect and blog lovin )

    Take care!


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