Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learning at home looks like...

I love a clean house. Life just flows better in a tidy, clear space. But, and this is a big but,

I let my kids make messes. Not just toys on the floor or an occasional spill. My kids make huge messes: bags of flour on the floor, entire stacks of post-it notes destroyed (ususally death by manual paper shredder aka the pasta maker), couch cushions in various formations in the middle of the living room.

Its fun to make messes, and I believe it's helping my kids learn to be creative and learn about life. This is especially true for my 17-month-old Aldyn.

The other day he was fixated on sticking his hands into a bowl of soaking beans. So I took some out and gave them to him in a little dish. The result:

And then there were the roses.

I watched him carefully pick each one apart and examine,

This is what learning at home looks like, for my toddler anyway.

What kind of messy things do your kids do?


  1. Your kid also did messy things at the sushi restaurant. :) I love the new banner!

  2. tee hee hee. he sure did, i guess i didn't have my camera to get those pics up on the blog. he's pretty much always doing messy things these days, so i guess he'll be a genius soon.