Easter Egg Window Decorations

These would be, technically speaking, Ostara Eggs Window Decorations, since my family celebrates this spring festival with the traditional wheel of the year on Spring Equinox instead of Easter Sunday. And, get ready folks, because the equinox is tomorrow! (I have to admit that we've been working on equinox projects around here, but I'm just now getting around to blogging them.) So get ready for the equinox/Easter maddness!

Let's begin. 

Equinox eggs, Ostara Eggs, Easter eggs, whatever you want to call them, this is a fun way to make them with your kiddos.

The picture pretty much says it all here. Just take two sheets of the same color of construction paper, cut out an egg shape, sketch a design and cut that out too.

On one of the construction paper eggs, glue tissue paper across the open spaces of your design. When you're done, glue the other half on. Hang in window as desired.

Quick and easy.

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