Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adult Learning --> Child Learning

I walked out of the library with a sack full of novels and nonfiction slung over my shoulder and a backpack full of picture books. I had one baby strapped on front and the other holding onto my hand and his own little bag of books.

These days I'm doing just as much learning at home as my kids.

I used to feel guilty about taking any of my precious free time to cozy up with my own reading when so many of the great plans I make for my kids go undone. But then I realized two things:

#1-- the basic tenet of self-care as a foundation of good parenting that I learned during pregnancy

Taking the time to self-nurture when it's available sustains me as a parent and replenishes my reserves for when I actually do have to put my own needs aside to care for my kids (like with the coughing baby I've been up hours each night with this week).

I imagine reading books that satisfy my intellectual curiosity or a good novel makes me feel pampered the way most women feel at the spa.

#2--the fact that my kids are learning by seeing me learn

My seventeen-month son usually sits down on the couch with a book at some point during the day. He sees me and his papa do it all the time.

Kids learn through imitation. I'm realizing that the main way I teach my kids at home is through doing.

I also read passages out loud and show the kids pictures from my books. I talk with them about what I'm reading (or writing) when they show an interest. These may seem like normal things to do, and they are---but they're powerful.

With these things in mind, I relax and dork out.

In celebration of life-long learning and commitment to nerdiness, I'll be sharing my learning endeavors, alongside my children's, on this addition to other feats of handmade goodness and related matters of interest.

Maybe this will be interesting, or at the very least these posts may inspire you to get up and read something that you DO care about.

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