Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Caturday...One Week Later

Last Saturday I stood outside the library for half an hour among people in various degrees of cat costuming waiting to get into the highly anticipated, long awaited public library event Saturday Caturday.

For weeks I heard nothing but, "When is it going to be Saturday Caturday?"

"If it was Saturday Caturday, what would you say?"

"How come it's not Saturday Caturday yet?"

I didn't mind so much. We had lots to do in preparation. Including making the sweet (and perhaps somewhat scary looking) cat head appliques shown here.

Instant kitty style.

And also making a new stuffed kitty mascot.

By the time Saturday Caturday actually arrived kitty fever had struck me pretty hard. I was putting the finishing touches on the appliques I, like Chobie, was absolutely pumped. Suddenly, everything was cat themed.

How could I make pointy cat ears with pancake batter for breakfast?

Maybe we should dress like cats.

And we needed cat music.

So after some research, I discovered Feline Folk Purrductions. This CD (um, yes people still buy them) will soon be mine.

I even wrote a song about Cats myself just for the occasion.

The event itself was lots of cat-inspired literary fun. Cat books, cat coloring pages, a cat scavenger hunt, cat puppets, even cat costumes. It was fun and educational, which in my mind is really the only kind of fun there is.

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