Monday, March 10, 2014

Supporting Womens Work on International Womens Day...And After

Happy (Belated) Intenational Womens Day !!!
 Note: This post is hitting the blog presses a bit late due to technical difficulties (interweb outage over the weekend).

The theme this year, as I mentioned in my last post, is Inspiring Change.

One thing that I want to change is where my money goes and who it supports when I shop. I’m not a shop-a-holic or anything (I actually try to be really thrifty), when I do want to get something special, I want to give my money to support families and women who are supporting their families (and themselves) through their creative work.

So, on this note I am sharing an annotated list of my favorite Etsy shops, in no particular order:

This shop doesn’t appear to be open right now, but be on the look out when they open back up for business. Their toys are super sweet little wooden toys that are affordably priced, especially for being handmade. I can’t really say what they have in store, but in the past there have been a lot of cute little cherry wood cars and whatnot.

This shop sells hand cut ethically sourced sapphires. Yes, ethically sourced as in she and her family gather them in the mountains by hand. Then she takes them home and cuts them. They are gorgeous. Sapphires are my birth stone so I’m extra excited about this, but seriously, anyone who loves a little sparkle should take a look. 

Ana Paulaoli wrote the book that got me going on crocheting cute little animals and things. Her shop is full of all kinds of crocheted cuteness and patterns.

I like Primrose Press because the stationary is beautiful and the whole concept is old-fashioned and low-tech. I love doing things the old fashioned way, even if it’s not all the time I like to know I can do something by hand so I’m not fully dependent on the technology (like that annoying thing math teachers used to do about not letting students use calculators for basic arithmetic). But when I see pretty stationary like this it makes me want to always do it the old fashioned way.

This shop sells all manner of handmade child accessory, but they really got me with the legwarmers.  I’m (still) such a sucker for legwarmers, and for babies who get carried all the time, they’re practical too.

This Seattle mama makes gluten-free hippy play dough and all the trimmings. Though I liked the chemical smell of playdoh as a child I’d much rather my kids use these ones scented with essential oil!

And just as a note, these are not affiliate listings. I was not asked to include any of these shops and did not receive any compensation for doing so. They’re just shops I like that are run by women.
What are your favorite woman-owned Etsy shops? Do you have a cool Etsy shop you want me to know about?

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