Saturday, March 22, 2014

Egg Sized Easter Chicks Free Pattern

Something happens to me in the spring. Suddenly, I need something (else) to take care of. I used to call it rabbit fever, during all those years that I was living rurally and raising chickens. Each spring and overwhelming sense that NOW was the time to start my home rabbitry would take me over, until allergy season hit and I was wiped out.


Now that we live in the city, and we have no flock and only an urban garden to satisfy my penchant for homesteading, I’m afflicted with the symptoms of a similar condition: chicken fever.


A backyard flock is out of the question right now, so to cope I created these little chicks.


They are just the right size to fit into those little snap together plastic Easter eggs, so they’re a really quick project.


You’ll need:

The softest, fluffiest yarn you can find in the chick color of your choice

Size I crochet hook

Tiny black buttons for eyes

Orange pipe cleaner

Yellow or orange craft felt for the beak

Sewing needle and color coordinated thread (black and chick colored)


Step 1: Make the body

Round 1: Chain 2. SC 5 into first ch to make a round.

Round 2: SC 2 into each SC in round to increase to a total of 10 sts in round 2.

Round 3-6: SC 10.

Round 7: Sc2tog, SC 1, repeat four more times for a total of 5 sts in round 7

Round 8-10: SC 5

Round 11: Sc2tog, repeat twice, slst into next st to close, pull last loop through to create a long tail

Weave in bottom end.


In the top end, weave in working toward row 7 (where you did the decrease to 5 sts) When you get to row 8, take the remaining long tail of the yarn and loop it around the head of the chick to create a more defined head. Tie securely then pull the remaining tail through the body several rows down. Trim any excess.


Step 2: Make the Face

Cut a semi circle with about a ¾” diameter. Fold into a cone shape and stitch into place.

Stitch beak onto face.

Stitch black buttons onto each side of the head for eyes. You can do both eyes with the same threaded needle by sewing straight through the head. This technique also helps keep the eyes even.


Step 3: Make the Feet

Trim the orange pipe cleaner to about 5”. Insert through the stitches in the body of the chick where you want the legs to be.


Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner to make feet.

Insert into plastic egg and enjoy.



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  1. Lydia these are so darn cute. I need to pick up crocheting I do. I'm so excited about your garden too. Pic.'s please.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. Thanks for stopping by to check them out! There will certainly be garden pics. Right now, the space is pretty much just a mound of dirt, although the garlic seems like it's taking off.