Easter Egg Preschool Math

We decided to use Easter eggs as a festive springtime math manipulative. They’re surprisingly versatile.


Right away when we got out the eggs, Chobie was asking me about “dozens.” I was a little surprised to hear him use that word, but he’s heard it so often in the context of buying “dozens of eggs” at the grocery store. So first we grouped them into dozens.


Next we sorted by color using these fun sorting hoops my fabulous older sister (who teaches elementary school) gifted us.


They’re fun for sorting and other things too.


After sorting we talked about which groups had more and less. For example, “There are more pink eggs than there are blue eggs.”



Then we used the intersecting hoops to sort eggs according to color. We’ve been doing a lot of activities with color blending lately so this was a fun way to combine color theory with math.



We also did a few simple addition and subtraction problems using the eggs. Chobie is still warming up to those concepts, so that part of our game didn’t last too long.


Bee (aka Aldyn, my seventeen-month-old) also had a good time “sorting” the eggs by moving them back and forth between the hoops.

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  1. It looks like you all had a lot of fun with the Easter eggs. What a wonderful idea to use them as a learning tool!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We did enjoy ourselves with this one. I liked the opportunity to use these more than once.

  2. I'm loving all your toddler ideas and posts! My daughter is 15 months, but I definitely need to PIN these ideas for the future. So happy to be introduced to your blog! Take care. :)

    Put A Bird On It

    1. Thanks! My youngest is 17 months right now and I've been surprised at how eager he always is to try the activities that I set up with my preschooler in mind. Although I guess he has a big brother to look up to and copy. Anyway, I'm glad you stopped by.

  3. This is such a great idea for hands-on learning! I like how you did the color theory sorting with them, too!

    1. Thanks! That was my favorite part too. I'm always happy to figure out ways to make our learning games more interdisciplinary.

  4. Glad the sorting hoops worked out! Loved how you used them! Great teaching going on. :)


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