Saturday, June 30, 2012

Settling in....continued

So my last post was a catch up post, but I still have more catching up to do since I didn't have my camera last time to share some recent pics from the last month.  So here's a bit more catching up...

chobie helping me pack for the move

My wonderful parents came down to help us move.  My dad loaded up the truck all beverly hillbillies style in honor of our new more rural location.

To further delay matters with preparing the nest even further, I took a small vacation to my hometown earlier this week to visit my sister, in from Texas, and my parents.  We stayed real busy workshopping up some more baby projects.  I finished a stuffed ball that I've been working on since the beginning of June (or I should really say Juneuary since it's been so excessively cold and rainy here this month).  Then I made a little taggie-type-toy for the new little one.  I didn't have anything like that for Chobe, so I kind of started wondering if babies really actually like those things or if I was just swept up in the "I could make that myself" frenzy that sometimes overcomes me when I am looking at Etsy or Amazon for project inspirations.  Anyway, more on those items later.  I'm definately giving the ball its own post since I kind of made tutorial photos for it and I'll put up some pics of the taggie too.  My fabulous, generous, older sister has also been working on the baby projects.  She's quite the seamstress.  It's fun to sew with her because I always learn how to make my projects a little bit more "profesh" each time. 

So I got home again on Thursday evening.  Friday was a great day for really feeling settled.  I got my sourdough started...with  a little help:

and got some seeds soaking for sprouts, and some rice and lentils started on the road to fermentation for dosas.  I also got some work done in the garden.  There's still a lot to do and it is definately slower going with this growing baby belly.  Speaking of which, I realized today that I hadn't taken a pic of my belly since a couple weeks before we moved.  So here's today at 26 weeks 4 days:

and for the other little guys we've been growing this year, here's a little snapshot of our flock hanging out in front of the house, which is one of their favorite places to congregate.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update for June

Finally settled in enough here at the new dream home to update the blog.  The move itself was epic.  We did one hard core day with a Uhaul and the help of my amazing, generous, lovely parents.  That was the first weekend of June, we've been doing some sort of moving related task every weekend since the old place, taking more junk from the previous residents to the dump....We're getting very near the end of the process.  Our peacock and the peahen who has her new chicks, are still at the old place.  And as for the new place, we're unpacked, but it's a little chaotic because this house doesn't have nearly the same amount of storage space as our old one, so we're still trying to get some shelving and other furniture (like a smaller computer desk) together to be fully settled.  We also have to get a firm mattress to replace our old pillow top...which we opted not to move all the way out here just to get rid of.  So we've just been sleeping on our camping bedding.  So there's still a lot of work to do.

I have had a chance to do some reading over these last weeks and more recently I have been able to continue to work on my most recent batch of baby/Chobe projects.  And today I put the first round of seeds into the garden.  Kale. Carrots. and Beets.  Hooray!