Friday, October 24, 2014

Spooky Handprint Trees

All week, Chobie has been waking up in the morning and asking to make more Halloween decorations. He has been chopping up every piece of construction paper he can get his hands on to turn them into various haunted entities, most recently a haunted ship.

As part of the homemade Halloween decoration extravaganza, we made the spooky tree paintings.

This project is easy to do and even worked for my two-year-old, Bee.

Step one:
Mix paint with water to make a wash. I used red and yellow.

Step two: 
Brush the wash across a piece of paper to cover the whole sheet of paper, or at least as much as your toddler can handle before he is putting more paint on the table than his paper.

Step three:
Allow plenty of drying time. I let ours dry over night, since it was a kid project and the paint is so watery it took that long for the paper to dry.

Step four: 
Trace hands on black paper, then cut out.

Step five: 
Glue hand to the painted paper.


Chobie's (middle) is acutally my favorite. I helped him cut out his hand, but I followed his kind of shaky, uneven line and it really makes it look like a knotted old tree.

What have you been creating lately?

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