Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Weekend

After a long week of work on my upcoming Etsy shop, there was a lot to take care of this weekend. Car maintenance, never ending list of chores, and a lawn that should have really been mowed a couple of weeks ago.

We went out to enjoy the last bit of warm weather instead, since it was Bee's birthday weekend (He's already 2! Hooray!).

Saturday we visited the nature trail up the road from our new house. With all the leaves fallen on the trail, it was a picture-perfect fall scene. My inner-nerd was squealing with delight with how magical it was to be walking down the trail in T-shirt weather in October. I half expected to actually see gnomes pop out from behind a clump of mushrooms.

On Sunday I pretended like we were just headed out for the morning so I could take care of some of the items from the above mentioned list of presently neglected responsibilities. What actually happened:

We went for another walk along the bay and gathered acorns and other dried seeds and leaves for our nature table. Then we drove to another nearby beach and harvested wild mushrooms in the woods. I found and picked more mushrooms than I ever have before (I think a whopping total of six chantrelles). My husband, however, is a mushroom finding genius so we ended up with a backpack full within a couple of hours. Chobie was playing mushroom construction, a game where he piled up fallen branches to clear space to "help the mushrooms grow."

Then we walked down to the beach, waded in the water, watched the tide come in, gathered shells and played. Like it was still summer and we were having a (mini) day at the beach. It felt good, like I was making up for lost time during the packing-cleaning-organzing spree that actually was my summer this year.

After stopping at a couple sadly disappointing thrift shops so that Chobie could look for a present for Bee (who's birthday is today) we went home to have a dinner, that my husband was kind enough to cook, of wild mushroom pasta, salmon and salad with hazelnuts. We shared it with a dear friend, who was actually present for Bee's labor and birth two years ago, in honor of Bee's 2nd birthday.

I think that this was the closest thing we've had to a perfect weekend in a long time. And of course, we continued with our Bee birthday celebration.

How was your weekend?

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