Our Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

We recently had a chance to head out to the pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkins for this Halloween.

Now, the pumpkin patches in this neck of the woods are not like the ones that I grew up with that were literally just a patch of pumpkins on the ground. The ones in this area are little carnivals with pumpkins on the ground off in the distance.

We went on a weekday (Friday) so the carnival aspect was a bit toned down. We did get to go on the giant slide

and Chobie got a chance to play around on the hay jump.

I wanted to jump too, but it wasn't exactly grown-up sized. Plus, it took a surprising effort to capture the mid-air shot on this one. And that was with me and my mom trying to capture the perfect hay jump photo.

He picked out his outfit for the day, right down to the cowboy boots. He's been really into dresses lately.

We wandered through the hay maze. I took some photos, including this selfie just to showcase how photogenic I am (not).

Bee slept through a lot of the visit to the pumpkin patch, but he did wake up in time to get to check out some pumpkins

ride the pumpkin wagon

and look at the animals.  My personal favorite were the pygmy goats and their babies.


Bee also had to pet a couple of tractors while we were at the farm.

As we were wandering around right before we left, I also spotted and subsequently swooned over this old timey carousel. It wasn't open at the moment, but I enjoyed looking at it just as well.

And so our festive autumn continues.

How is your fall? Have you picked your pumpkins yet?

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  1. The hay jump looks like fun!
    It looks like you all had a great day


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