Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Painting Autumn Leaves, Picking Apples, and Pumpkin Bread

Fall is my favorite season. There are so many seasonal things to do. Really, I'm a sucker for seasonal things any time of year. But fall is here and we have been making the most of it.

In between the extra hours of work that I've been piling up, and the return of our regular home routines, I've been carving out time for fun seasonal activities.

We went picking apples on Tuesday. Does this make you imagine me and my cute little mulleted tots spending the day in cute sweaters kicking about in the crimson and gold leaves and climbing up apple branches?

Because what it actually looked like was us stopping near an abandoned tree that we happen to know on the way home from getting groceries. We were achy and coughing because fall has brought us the first cold of the season. By the end of it, we were all feeling much more cheerful and festive, truth be told...

Yesterday, while I made dinner, the children painted leaf shapes cut out from coffee filters. We made these last year too, but we used water colors then. This time I tried watered down acrylics and it worked just as well.

I also managed to whip together a batch of pumpkin bread while dinner was in the oven. We won't talk about how I naively brought down a book that I thought I might have a free moment to read.

Instead, the children and crawled around like reptiles after dinner. That was much more entertaining than my sci-fi novel.

How have you been enjoying fall so far?

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  1. We are loving fall. We just bought some mini pumpkins for the girls to paint and decorate.

  2. Looks like you've been busy. I love fall also, the kids are raking leaves and jumping in them after. So much fun! I'm happy to bring out my slow cooker and we are also planning on going apple picking and making apple pies this weekend!

  3. Sounds like a perfect fall day, and I don't know how you managed to have kids painting while you cooked dinner and baked bread!

  4. Sounds like you've been having fun this fall :) Here it is the start of the hot season. We have no fall :(

  5. I *love* your authenticity! Thank you for sharing bits of your real life with small children! We've just been enjoying being outside in reasonably comfortable weather now- next weekend we hope to do some hiking to see the trees.