Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lately (returns)...Week 6

this week I've been...

remembering last year's Halloween preparations
trying to stop eating so much sugar
cooking squash every night
drinking tulsi tea
reading four books at once, including two I started years ago
wanting more time in each day
creating new items for my shop
playing on the trampoline
deciding what projects to do next
wishing for cats, goats, or any kind of baby animal to grace me with its presence
planning for a time when above baby animal would actually be appropriate for my life
wondering when I'll have more time to write
loving babies! (mine, everyone elses)
listening to Chobie singing along to Buck Owens
needing another epsom salt bath soon
noticing new mushrooms popping up here and there
exploring the back woodsy half of our new yard
thinking about the origins of our Halloween celebrations
getting ready for a week of homeschool
feeling content, relieved to have settled in after the move

gratitude for...
pumpkin season
seeing the creek every morning
Bee's new words
Chobie's enthusiasm for making things to sell in my shop
pumpkin seeds
warm weather in October
the first fire of the winter season
well water
husband's sweet family
Chobie's stories
homemade apple butter

What's been keeping you busy lately? Feel free to leave links to your recent posts, I'd love to look at them.

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