Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Make Dandelion Vinegar

Dandelion vinegar is my favorite digestive tonic. Both the apple cider vinegar and the dandelion lend their magic to support digestion, blood sugar balance, and liver support. Plus, if you love pickles and ferments like me, the flavor is yummy too.

Better yet, it's really easy to make.

First, dig and clean your dandelions. Fall is the perfect time to dig dandelions, since it's the time when the plants are actively growing and a lot of the plant's energy is in its roots, where all of the potent liver-supporting bitters dwell.

Chop them up into tiny pieces. The smaller the pieces, the more surface area is exposed, and the more easily the medicinal constituents from the dandelion get into the vinegar.

Put all of your chopped dandelion into a mason jar. When the jar is full of dandelion pour raw apple cider vinegar over the top.

Screw the lid on and shake.

Now you'll need to store the jar in a dark place for about a month. Take it out periodically (up to once a day, at least three times a week) and shake it up.

After a month passes, strain out the dandelion pieces and bottle your vinegar. It should keep as long as regular apple cider vinegar. According to the Braggs (makers of the raw apple cider vinegar I use) site this is officially 3 to 5 years but according to research it will keep indefinitely when kept out of the sunlight.

I like to take a tablespoon right before meals. It has a really strong flavor, so if you aren't feeling that hard-core about it, you can just mix the tablespoon into 4-8 oz. of water and drink up.


Do you have any digestive tonics that you enjoy? Have you made any medicine lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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