Fall Time Tea Blend

It really has been everything fall themed for the last couple of weeks around here. Today, I concocted the perfect fall time tea blend. It tastes a little like chai, but it's caffeine free and nourishing.

Nettle - the mother of nourishing herbs full of phytonutrients and minerals

Raspberry leaf - another great nourishing herb that has a special affinity for the female reproductive system. It's tannin content gives the tea blend a flavor that's reminiscent of black tea.

Licorice - just a pinch, licorice nourishes the adrenals and helps ward off winter illnesses.

Ginger - is warming and spicy and an anti-inflammatory.

And my secret ingredient: pumpkin pie spice. Yep. A powdered spice blend in a tea. I actually wanted to put cinnamon in it, but we were out so I used the pie spice instead.

After brewing add your favorite creamer. I used coconut oil in mine and it blended with the other flavors perfectly. You can add a natural sweetener too, but the licorice and pie spice blend already give it a sweet flavor, so you'll want to go easy on it.


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  1. That sounds absolutely gorgeous :) Thanks for linking with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials


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