Skeleton Softies: Pinned It...Did It!

I found these adorable skeleton softies on Pinterest a while back. When we were on my Halloween board seeking some decoration and crafting fun inspiration, Chobie picked these out as a must have.

The original link from the pin is just the picture, but the top is watermarked with this Brazilian blog Tutitati, which is totally worth the visit because it's full of all kinds of other cuteness, even if you need to brush up on your Portuguese. There is also a Tutitati shop where these skeleton dolls and other adorableness is available for purchase.

So, since I consider all pins on Pinterest an invitation to DIY (I'm actually like that at any craft fair, vendor's booth or even retail store...) I made my own version. Since this one is not actually a tutorial, I won't do the whole thing where I review the project and whatnot.

I added a little hat to one of the skeletons and gave them both hearts.

These were actually the only Halloween decorations that I got done this year, so they're the centerpiece of my decor, along with the fake spider webs that Chobie is obsessed with.

What have you been making this year? What kind of Halloween decor did you come up with?

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  1. Those are too cute, the top hat was a nice touch! I have about zero crafting ability but if I did I would make myself a pair.


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