Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Ultimate Phonics Chart

Chobie's reading journey continues: he's half way through his first set of Bob Books . Hooray!

But his biggest road block is still letter recognition and consistently remembering the sounds that each letter makes.

So I've recently devised the ultimate phonics and letter recognition chart.

Part of the confusion with letter recognition is that they don't always look like same. "A" for instance looks totally different in serif or sans serif fonts.

And "G" becomes an unrecognizable creature.

Since printed materials vary with font types, this is really confusing for new readers. So I used both types of fonts in my chart.

The capital letters are also in bold, because Chobie learned them first, it makes them easier to recognize.

At the end I added the digraphs and vowel teams at the bottom too, so that he can practice those.

Now every morning when we do our morning circle, we go over the phonics chart for practice. I hand lettered the chart above on a piece of poster board. It's not the prettiest, but it gets the job done. If you would like to use the chart without the trouble of creating one from scratch, I've made one for you.

You can get a PDF version here. 

What have you been learning lately? 

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