Little Stitches Big Stitches

It's happened!

My compulsive sewing is spreading to my children. Last year, I don't know how many times I wrote it into my homeschool plans to introduce sewing. I had it all planned out to use a crochet square with a big blunt yarn needle and go over some basic stitching. Except that I kept missing the step where I made the crochet square ahead of time. So Chobie never got to practice stitches that way.

So the other day when I was sewing some faces on some cats, he came up and asked if he sew too. He proceeded to explain to me that he wanted to make things to sell in my shop. Kids really do learn through imitation, right?

So I had him pick out some fabric and I cut out a little piece for him to practice stitches on. He picked it up surprisingly quickly.

I cut off part of the sleeve of an old sweater (love to upcycle!) and had him sew the bottom to make a pouch. The top seam was already finished for him because it was the end of the sleeve. All he had to do was sew a straight line of stitches across the bottom and then turn it inside out.


Coincidentally, all of this happened right after reading this post about how much kids learn from sewing. From this one little project Chobie learned the basics of how seams work and he made a functional object. He plans to use his new pouch to store "treasures" in. I think it builds your kids self esteem when they are able to make something they can use. I know that I always feel good when I make something myself.

So do you write down a date for "first stitches" in the baby book or what?

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