Pinned it. Did it. Summer Solistice Wands

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! In honor of the longest day of the year and the shift into the waning half the the year, we made some summer solstice wands.

As another edition of my feature: Pinned it. Did it, these were inspired by this pin...

I went for something a little more rustic and simple since I was making these with/for my young children who are destined to flail them into smithereens.

I did do a step by step tutorial for these ones since the original site for this pin was an Etsy listing that is no longer available from this shop that doesn't have anything listed currently but seems pretty sweet from the description. I will be checking back in in the future in hopes of finding more sweet Waldorf-inspired wares. With these wands though, I did things my own way and learned from each wand as I went. But the steps are pretty simple:


step one:
Cut stick(s) to desired length.

step two:
Cut out sun shapes from felt. I made a pattern first by tracing the ring of a small mason jar onto paper then drawing the rays onto that, so that they would come out in a more even circle than if I had just free handed it.

step three:

Cut yarn (or ribbon or whatever) to the desired length. I made nine pieces for each wand, three of each of the three colors.

step four:
Glue the stick to the center of one piece of sun-shaped felt. Glue the ribbons into the center too.

step five: 
Add a bit of stuffing and then sew a circle around the middle.


(unless your a semi-disorganized blogger like me, then you have to scramble around your house and find the appropriate photo backdrop and put the things into a mason jar and beg your kids not to come grab them while you fiddle with the camera settings. Snap the photo. Now you're finished).


time: 1 1/2 hours for all three made here.

cost: $, maybe even half a dollar sign since these are easily made from scrap fabric and sticks are free outside...

skill level: mediumish. Getting the yarn to adhere to the hot glue in the middle without falling out or sticking both sides of the sun together and messing up the stuffing was a little tricky. So was sewing around the stick and the awkward nature of the design during the stuffing process. It's not the usual sew, turn right side out, stuff, seal process for making softies.
This was one of the things on our summer fun times lists too, so CHECK!

What are you doing on the summer solstice this year?

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  1. Great idea! Hope you had a great time at the summer solistice!
    Domi x


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