Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kids Book Review: Look a Book and Look Another Book

Look A Book by Bob Staake

Look Another Book by Bob Staake

 These two books are seek and find books (like Where's Waldo) that are great for preschoolers. The rhyming words and cutout windows on the pages highlight some parts of the detailed images on every other page. This makes the books possible to read in one brief sitting without having to sit down and find everything on each page all at once every time you read it, which is many many times if you are reading with a preschooler.

Admittedly, these books do not contain astonishing literary value. But the illustrations have been quite inspiring for Chobie. He has spent hours pouring over them, explaining the different elements of the pictures according to his own interpretations, then re-creating them in his play.

While Chobie often gathers play themes from books, these ones stand out as being especially inspiring for him. They are good for encouraging independing "reading," as in sitting and looking at books for a sustained period.

What have you been reading with your little ones lately?

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