Parallel Projects: Outline Art

Earlier this week we all sat down together to make some art, or at least "art." My idea was that I would draw some shapes on a page and then they could be outlined to create a groovy psychedelic type of pattern.

I made my own to demonstrate to Chobie.

He made his own (I drew the original shapes). Normally, when he draws, its like a make-believe game. Each line tells story as it appears on the page. One is a hose, the next is a fire engine and the wheels on the fire engine. The fire that is going to be put out appears next.

When I planned this activity, I was thinking that it wasn't really technically demanding and he would have the chance to derive some satisfaction out of the fact that his picture would come out looking very similar to mine, feeding his inner perfectionist (which is to say his Virgo ascendant). I hadn't been thinking about how the experience of make believe and drawing was so strong for him, so he just incorporated my shapes into the scene as it unfolded from his imagination.

Bee made a picture too. The most important part of his process is not visible in the picture: taking the lids off and putting them back on the markers.

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