Life Cycles weeks Three and Four

Last week we talked about frogs and the many changes they go through in their life cycles.
We went to a local pond to look for frogs or frog eggs. There were none to be found, but the pond was full of baby duckings! It was adorable. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so I won’t be able to share the cuteness.

I  made frog life cycle drawings for the felt board.  Chobie got to practice putting these together in sequence on the felt board.

(Click here or on the image for the printable, it’s kinda quick and dirty so you’ll have to excuse me. Also, if there are issues with it please let me know in comments or email so I can try to fix it since it’s a shared Google doc and I’ve had some troubles in the past with these).

I made some hopping frogs out of paper (instructions here) for the littles to enjoy. There are a lot of different instructions out there for this project, but the ones above were the only ones that I could actually follow.

We did talk more about bugs, and butterflies too. We made these melted crayon beetle sun-catchers. 

I remember making things out of melted crayons as a kid and I remember it being a lot more magical than this was, maybe it's one of those things where you have to be a kid to really enjoy it. My little guys seemed pleased enough. Here's how we did it in pictures if you want to make something similar. The paper is wax paper, with the shiny side in facing the crayons.

Since Chobie is still a preschooler and enjoys repetition so much we read all of our weekly books each day of homeschool.  Here was our homeschool reading list about frogs.

Fabulous Frogs by Linda Glaser with picture by Loretta Krupinski

Tadpole and Frog by Christine Beck and Barrie Watts

Eleven Nature Tales by Pleasant Despain with illustrations by Joe Schlichta 

This last one has a series of traditional nature stores from around the world. We read the first one, which is from Zaire that features frogs and illustrates how all things are connected.

As always, there was lots of practice with reading, spelling, and letter writing. There was counting and coloring and visits to the library and all that fun stuff. 

How has homeschool or kid crafting been for you lately? I'd love to hear about it or see links in the comments below! 

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