Lately...week three

this week I've been...

remembering summers from my childhood
trying to plan and have a homeschool theme session at the same time
cooking bone broth
drinking green smoothies
reading The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold by Kate Bernheimer
wanting coconut butter treats
creating ...plans?
playing "Polar Express" with Chobie
deciding if I want to get a curriculum for kindergarten
wishing for more time in the day
planning our summer homeschool
wondering when Bee will have the anticipated verbal explosion 
loving to see Chobie's play involving so much tying things together with yarn
listening to Swan Lake
needing a blender than makes smoother smoothies
wearing pony tails and top knots
noticing how prevalent feelings of guilt are for mamas
exploring how that can change
thinking about consolidating
getting rid of things I don't use anymore 
feeling like laying in the sun and splashing in the pool with the littles

gratitude for...
the beautiful people and the food I had the honor of sharing on our recent trip
a space to grow our own food
my sister moving home after YEARS
new opportunities
Camilla Sinensis
love in a mist
little hands
what I've learned about nursing from watching mama animals
my other sister's financial expertise
acres of grass spotted white and purple with oxeye daisy and self-heal

links to enjoy...
fun songs and fingerplays in this pdf from a distant public library system
gorgeous fibers
the fantastic Frida Khalo rendered in embroidery thread

How was your week?

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  1. Love this. It's funny how much we relate even though we're so far away. Hope we can make it out to say hi and introduce our second "babies" sometime in December. xoxo-Jenn


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