Garden Update

I told you all about my potatoes last week, but here's a look at how things are going in the main garden space.

Remember those herbs I planted?

My lettuce patch is coming right along too. I just had my first homegrown salad of the year.

How are things growing in your garden? Comments and links to garden posts welcome!

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  1. Sooo awesome. I need to get a move on with growing things. I want to start with some herbs!

    1. thanks! herbs are a great place to start. especially if you have a good source for purchasing starts, then you can just transplant. I've had a harder time growing herbs from seeds than I've had with many veggies, which is surprising. Good luck with your gardening endeavors! Can't wait to hear about them on your blog!

  2. Oh man, your garden looks fantastic! I have been working on mine... was just thinking that a gardening related blog post would be a good idea! Hope that your greens continue to flourish :)

    1. thanks. It would be great to see what you've got growing. watching plants grow from seeds is one of those everyday miracles that i'm so grateful for. happy growing!


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