Saturday, June 14, 2014


After doing the gratitude list last week, I felt like I wanted to add a little more in the form of a weekly update. This format is an adaptation of the style of update posts on a blog I've been loving lately, Tina Bumblebee.

here it goes...

remembering to prioritize rest
trying to do some major life editing and let go of some of the less-than-essential projects
cooking the same delicious blue cheese salad again and again
drinking green tea, red tea
reading Abarat by Clive Barker
wanting to start reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender
creating a handmade gift for a good friends new baby
playing peek a boo
deciding what has to go
wishing for kittens to cuddle
planning my new shop
wondering if my summer reading list is over-ambitious
loving Sunday home spa days with rose geranium and lavender essential oil baths
listening to more pop music than I'd care to admit
needing an overhead projector, okay maybe this is more of a wanting, also don't worry about why
wearing summer dresses and feeling so happy about it
noticing how fast the bindweed is taking over my garden while I stay inside with allergies
exploring possibilities for relocating
thinking about whether to keep doing organized homeschool during summer
getting excited for summer swimming adventures
feeling settled

gratitude for...
balloon flowers that popped up by surprise in my yard
nettle tea
early summer berries
the little things that only four-year-olds would think of to say or do
the way bee says the word "tickle"
good writing
sleeping through the night
rain when it's warm out
tides so low you can see the contours of the sea floor

this week's enjoyable links...

These are cute little illustrations. You can subscribe to enjoy one every day.

Beautiful shadow puppets and other handcrafted goodness. I am seriously impressed with this mama's crafting skills. She has an Etsy shop and blog.

Lusting after an excellent retro hairdo, as mentioned above. Here were some of my first clues.

Whats new with you? links to posts welcome.

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