Life Cycles Week One

This week we introduced a new theme to focus our homeschooling activities around. As I’ve mentioned with Caterpillar Counting and Butterfly Painting, the new theme is Life cycles. This week we focused on butterflies specifically. Butterflies felt like a good starting place since the life cycle changes are so dramatic.

We talked about the four stages of the life cycle and how it really only flows one way. “Do butterflies go into cocoons?” Chobie just laughed and shook his head no.

I found a few butterfly songs and poems to share together.  I’ll admit that these aren’t great poetry, but they do get the point across. There isn’t enough repetition for it to be excellent for preschoolers, so I don’t think that Chobie will actually pick up the words to the songs. In fact, after we did the one to the tune of Row Your Boat he just went around singing that all day.

We acted out the butterfly life cycle. I got the idea here.

I embellished this a bit with scarves for wings and lots of running around the house. Chobie loved doing this part, especially that it naturally repeats so he got to do it again and again.

Our books this week were…

The Very Hungry Catterpillar by Eric Carle.

Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert

We are working on a butterfly mobile, featuring some free printables I found here.

A few more things were pinned and completed, including this fun (and free) life cycle stages activity.  

We did some letter writing on the board. Chobie is making good progress, especially with letters that are just made up of straight lines.

We worked on the concept of measuring using colorful paperclips to measure toys around the house.

We also completed the caterpillar clip counting activity and butterfly painting that I posted about earlier this week.

Have you done a life cycles unit? What kinds of activities did you do?
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