Lady Bug Softie Tutorial

I made these sweet little flying lady bug softies for my kiddos to play with as I mentioned in my last homeschool update on our second week of the life cycles theme.

I put together this tutorial so you can see how to make your own.

The short story is:

Step One: Cut out the pieces. I used craft felt, so that I didn't have to bother with hems and whatnot, but you could theoretically make them with any fabric you wanted provided you did a few more steps. They would be really cute with quilting fabrics.

Step Two: Arrange your lady bugs with their spots, mostly so that you know how many to cut. If you're using craft felt, this step will also serve to hold your spots in place while you sew them on the wings.

Step Three: Sewing and stuffing. Sew the body together, most of the way around then stuff and finish sewing. Like you would for any softie. Sew the wings across the tops, adding a few stitches down each side to secure the wings when they're in flying position.


Have you made any softies lately? Do you have favorite patterns or tutorials you want to share? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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