A Week in Review

You know how three and four-year-olds are genius? Like how they come up with all kinds of brilliant things to say that our adult brains seem to have lost the ability to create. When Chobie was three, he introduced us to his "helpful birds." They lived in an old birdhouse that he found in our yard. They were his daily companions who, presumably, were quite helpful to him.

Today, I have a helpful bird.

This helpful bird tells me that its time to take it easy. So that's exactly what I'll be doing all weekend.

This past week, when my posts have been a bit more sporadic than usual, I've been working hard on a lot of projects that are not quite bloggable. Some of them not yet, and others perhaps never. I could call this my work, or my job, but that would be a lie because that didn't really get done (as much as it needed to) last week either. Aside from projects we had a busy week outside of the house. Let's review:


thrifting. For most people this would be a stop during the process of running errands. But for the serious thrifter, like myself, it's an engrossing, all day long process. With kids involved, its even more time-consuming.


writing.Then more writing. Then more writing.


playing. In the rash of guilt subsequent to my Tuesday spent overly focused on writing, we met friends at the park and took a walk along the water front. Then we went to a dinner party at our friends farm.


partying. Not literally, but we did go, for the first time, to our local children's museum. The weather was unseasonably warm (90 degrees on May 1 is not typical around here). The museum has a kind of manmade but natural looking wading/splashing creek in front of it. That was our destination, but when our friends headed inside, I couldn't face being mean mom and telling them we had to go home since I was really ready to get back to our regular homeschooling gardening rhythm...perhaps the guilt from Tuesday's writing binge still lingering? Anyhoo, we spent the whole day at the childrens museum. Which, by the way was excellent and we're intending to get a membership.


chilling. With sunburns and without enough sleep, we spent yesterday at home doing...well I'm not sure we did anything except sit around a feel grumpy, maybe a little drawing, a little reading.

Today, we're ready for some more activity, but I am trying to take my helpful bird's advice and take it easy. Mostly, this just means only doing one thing at a time. \

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