Caterpillar Clip Counting

I found these cute caterpillar clothespin clips on pinterest.

This week, as part of our new lifecycles theme, Chobie and I made our own.

Time: 2 minutes each (I made  11 in about 14 minutes)
Difficulty: Super Easy
Cost: $
These were so easy to make, and they’re irresistibly cute. From an objective standpoint, I can see how one could in fact resist these little guys, but I have a special place for these in my crafty-little-heart because of how much time I spent making creatures with pom-poms and plastic googley eyes during my own childhood.

To continue the fun and utilize the clipping ability, we used them to practice number recognition.
I made a quick set of number cards and had Chobie clip the proper quantity of caterpillars to each card.

This tied in perfectly with our lifecycles theme and this week’s focus on butterflies. Clothespins painted like alligators or monsters would have been really fun too.

What kind of counting activities have you been doing with your little ones? 

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