Monday, May 12, 2014

Latest Thrifting Finds

We take thrift-store shopping seriously around here. There's no such thing as a quick look around a thrift store. I'm not able to leave until I've touched everything in the store. Thrifting = the best kind of treasure hunt.

During my most recent exploits, I assembled this mismatched tea set with a tea pot, two small mugs for the kiddos, and a big mug for me.

Please do not notice how my mug is roughly the size of the tea pot itself, I swear, I would never drink that much tea.

And there's the honey jar. This is quite possibly my favorite find of the year.

 I also found this vintage kids book.

It's a curious window into the past, with some excellent illustrations.

I think I'm going to frame some in this photo collage frame. It might need a makeover first. But I'm contemplating keeping the ugly wood for a more authentic 70's touch.

How about this canning wax? I'll have to make some candles soon.

 And finally, to go along with my crush on the Victorian era, I found these books of dress pattern catalog reprints.

 They also are a smorgasbord of excellent images.

Including lots of old-timey ads. 

Treasure hunt, successful.

Have you thrifted anything amazing lately? I'd love to hear about it. 

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  1. so many great finds all so interesting love that honey pot but the book is where my heart is love finding old books
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