Friday, May 9, 2014

Classic Letter Writing Activities: Salt Writing and Macaroni Letters

Chobie is progressing with his letter writing. Recently, we did some salt letter writing, as suggested by my fabulous sister who is an elementary school teacher who is constantly giving us good ideas.

He wrote "HI." He's really into spelling words, rather than just writing letters for the sake of writing letters.

The letter writing activity quickly turned sensory. That's perfect for a 4-year-old-though.

We also made some classic macaroni letters. I remember making these when I was a little person.

Sometimes, in my quest to think of amazing, original, creative homeschooling activities that I forget the tried-and-true-oldie-but-goodie activities of my own childhood.

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  1. Love it! You could have him use those wiki sticks I brought to make letters also. I did that with my first graders last year.

  2. Wiki sticks? Are those the waxy yarn things? We've done a bit of that, but I haven't blogged it. We will do more for sure, since we're going to really be focusing on more writing and drawing skills during this next lesson planning theme.