Third Trimester

I feel like I just did a pregnancy update, but from the way that things have been going, if I want to do any blogging at all, then it's gotta be about being pregnant because that's about all that's going on...or at least all that's going on that's interesting and isn't just some half-baked idea or cool project strewn about the house in pieces. 

But mostly I'm just feeling like taking care of the daily necessities is enough, or really more accurately taking care of most of or even half of the daily necessities is enough.  I really just want to hang around and nap.  Maybe read, take a bath, do more yoga, go for peaceful walks...but all of those things are very hard to do with the kind of peaceful dreamy vibe I've been feeling with a toddler running about!  Chobe really keeps me awake and going, it's just at a much much slower pace.  So things are running at half speed.

I'm feeling slow and dreamy, and I think that the real nesting is finally starting to kick in.  I liked having my nesting instinct going with my first pregnancy.  It would come in waves of cleaning frenzies or trips to thrift stores and the free store to come back with armloads of baby items.  But now that I work at home and housewife full time it's like I'm always nesting.  What I'm feeling now is kind of a shift in the energy of making toys and cute little clothes that may be useful, but that I don't absolutely need to feeling the urge to seriously take care of the practical side of having a new baby in the house.  I need to go through and organize the baby clothes, start gathering birth and postpartum supplies, finish unpacking the last few boxes, and gather up a few more necessities...and I'm so excited to do it!


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