The Garden Update

This is the first time I've moved somewhere with a garden that is already established.  Not to say that it doesn't need some serious work, but the beds are there, the fence is there, the soil is already amended somewhat so it's not total clay.  I actually even was able to hang out with the previous resident here and learn from her all about what she's used in the garden (as far as amendments) and learn what she's grown where (I even mapped it all out) and what issues there have been.  Nothing major as far as pest invasions, the usual slug problems and a potato critter that's apparently spreading to our region from no potatoes this year which would have probably been the case anyway since we moved in so late in the season.

here's' the area I've worked into seed beds. 


And here's what the rest of the garden looks like. also what the above area looked like before I got in there.


Our garden space also includes a pretty substantial green house.  It needs to have the plastic replaced, which we have salvaged from the hoop house at our former residence.  We recently discovered (after planting several beds) that the water line to the garden needs to be reconnected, which isn't a major project, but isn't quite a quick fix either.  So for now we've been hauling buckets of water to the garden (from the spigot about 600 feet away) then pouring it into a watering can and hand watering.

I made a little side bar list about what I've planted so far and hopefully I'll remember to update it when I plant new things.  But here's the current list as of today:

  • three different varieties of kale (my family's favorite vegetable)
  • red beets and golden beets
  • carrots
  • cabbages
  • loose leaf and head lettuce
  • fennel
  • dill
  • purslane


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