Friday, July 6, 2012

The Backyard

I've been doing lots of posts about the logistical aspects of getting moved and settled, the the projects that are getting done and not getting done, so I wanted share something about where we're getting settled in to. So here's some photos of me and Chobe on our little romp down to the creek (on the property).

Chobe headed down the trail from the house to the little creek.

 Redwood Sorrel.  Looks kind of like clover in the pic above but if you look closely at the growing plant its easy to tell that it is very distinct from clover.  Each set of leaves has it's own stem and roots.  This is one of my favorite wild edible greens, but it's high in oxalate, so I have to keep myself from eating too much.  Like other sorrels, it's deliciously tangy.  It's abundant in the woods here.

The pics below are supposed to be of the water, but it's kind of hard to make out under the forest.  It's there though.

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  1. It looks so nice there! I hope we can see your new space whenever we get out there next! oh and meet your expected little!!