I just finished these boots, from this pattern last week.

The buttons are hand felted, by yours truly as my very first felting project.  This wool came from our sheep, specifically from Marzipan.
Marzipan the sheep
thanks Marzipan...I hope you love your new home

And here's another couple pairs of slippers I made.  These are for Chobe...

Every time that I finished a baby shoe from the stardust shoes pattern he was asking if he could put it on, and I kept having to tell him that they were too small for him.  So he was stoked when I finished these.

and the new baby...

Since I wasn't able to find a good pattern online for them I had to make an original pattern, which wasn't so hard after making all of the little shoes from stardust shoes, so it is somewhat loosely based on that.


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