Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let the Herbal Harvest Begin

...or continue really, since I guess I've already technically harvested nettle and some dandelion this year.  I really does feel like a beginning though since I haven't harvested anything in months. 

I gathered some comfrey, which is prolific on the four acres of this place that are not forested.  Ami was scything our grass (much too tall for a mower when we moved in...not like we have a lawn mower anyway) and all of the various lovely wild plants that make up the front yard/lawn area, so I took advantage and hung some in the pantry to dry.  This will be excellent for making healing salve in general and for postpartum sitz bath brews.  Now I just need to get some calendula going in the garden so it will be ready for harvest and processing before this little baby swims out!

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