More handmade baby goodness...

This is a little travel changing pad that I made.  I used this pattern and this one for reference, but kind of did my own thing.  The materials were thrifted: a water-proof shower curtain type thing I found in the fabrics section, two different bed sheets (which are also being used for several other projects including my upcoming book bag to diaper bag renovation project and the fabulous fancy all purpose baby towels that my sister created (pictured below)), and a fleece blanket (also being employed to make nursing leak pads and something I have used in the past to make reusuable postpaturm/menstrual pads...and let me just say I HIGHLY prefer cloth pads over disposable even if you're just considering the comfort factor alone, they actually breathe and feel a lot more like slighlty bulkier (well I guess that does depend on how thick you make them) cotton panties).

The pad looks like this (all kind of folded over):

Very simple construction:

Cut out about a 16x24" rectangle of each of the waterproof inside layer, the fleece cushy layer, and each side of the outside cover (these could be the same fabric, I used two different fabrics).

Cut a 2.5" wide by 12.5" strip of fabric to make the tie. 

Fold the tie strip in half with the right sides of the fabric together.  Sew along the long side with 1/4" seam allowance.  Turn inside out, tuck the ends in and stitch closed to make the tie.

Attach the tie about 6 1/4" centered on fabric below the short side on the large rectangle meant to be the back outside cover of the changing pad.  It should be sewn onto the right side of the fabric with the center of the tie strip sewn on.  I stitched it on with a small rectangle and then stitched diagonally across the rectangle to make sure it would hold up through many openings, closings, unrollings, rerollings and washings.

Now fold the top half of the tie down toward the long end of the fabric so it is out of the way for sewing all four layers of the changing pad together.  Lie this back outside layer down with the right side up.  Place the front cover rectangle on top with wrong side up (so right sides of front and back are facing each other), then layer the waterproof rectangle and the fleece on top (doesn't matter which sides are up or down since these will not be visible in the core of the pad).

Sew all rectangles together with 1/4" seam on three sides.  Turn right side out so that the cover fabrics show on the outside.  Tuck in and press the seams for the remaining side and sew closed, being careful not to sew the tie into the seam.

Top stitch around the remaining edges.

Roll and tie!  Tuck in your diaper bag and wait for your lovely creation to get peed on!  I know I can't wait to see mine all soggy and maybe even bright baby poop yellow if I'm lucky.

To compliment this little changing pad, my sister made me these towels:

Also pretty straight forward: two layers of fabric sewn together and top stitched.

Ok so we're down to just the diaper bag for things that really need to get finished.  The rest of the projects are fun little toys or cute little clothes that aren't essential.  Phew!  I'm also working on lots of little goodies for all my pregnant mama friends.  I know nine other women who are/have been pregnant this year (not including women that I have just met because we are both pregnant at the time, these are all people that have been in my life prior to our pregnancies).  It's a good time for babies!  I guess there are some pretty significant astrological events going on this year and this summer that all these little guys will be born under.  Gotta look more into that.  But now I'm just rambling...


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