Completed Projects

Completed Project 1:
Earlier this week, I posted that I had been feeling tired and haven't been getting much done.  This has been mostly true.  But I did finish one project this week, a recycled sweater bunny doll.

The pattern is pretty basic:

All the pieces are sewing right sides together and then turned inside out, leaving the neck unsewn and the bottom of the head and the tops of the ears unsewn to allow for turning right side out.  After stuffing the head, I sewed the face and ears on.  The body is attached around the neck to the opening left from stuffing the head.  The only stuffing in the body is packed down in little lumps in the hands and feet. 

The inspiration for this project came from a similar toy that Chobe has and affectionately refers to as "squished kitty." Chobe seems pretty impressed with squished bunny too, but he is hesitant to play with it too much.  He keeps asking if it's for the baby, so I tell him it is and that he can play with it, but he doesn't really seem to want to.  Maybe because I've made so many pairs of shoes that were too small for him for the baby, so he thinks he'll be equally disappointed? tee hee hee.  Squished bunny did make it into bed with us the other night though, so he's not too concerned.

Completed Project 2:

Crocheted balls. These were super easy, yet so satisfying to make.

These little balls are single crocheted in a round pattern.

Starting with six sc into the first loop, then the second row is two scs into each stitch for a total of 12, the third is sc one, two sc to increase stitches to 18, row four: sc 2, 2 sc into the next stitch for a total of 24 sts.  Add three rounds of 24 sts, 1 sc into each sc.  Then decrease sc 2, sc 2 tog, next round: sc 1, sc 2 tog, next round: sc 2 tog.  Stuff the ball before completely closed and then stitch closed.  Weave in ends.

These were super satisfying to make because they're so quick.  I feel like I'm really getting something done when I start whipping these out.


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