Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lately...Week Five

ok, so these haven't exactly been each week...but I figured it was about time for another.

this week I've been...

remembering to take breaks from being busy
trying to keep our routine while beginning the process of packing
cooking lots of greens
drinking  water and more water
reading Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting (and loving it) 
wanting more time to sleep
creating a more simple life
playing in the pool with these sponge balls (one more down on the Summer Fun Times list)
deciding what to keep and what to toss
wishing for, in the words of my younger sister, "a Pinterest life" or maybe just more time to make one
planning our kindergarten structure
wondering if its too soon to start preparing for the kids fall birthdays and Halloween 
loving cool summer mornings
listening to Chobie sing songs about garbage
needing more creative time
wearing as little as possible since its been so hot
noticing how I'm running out of things to pack that we aren't using
exploring good sugar-free and grain-free recipes
thinking of how to squeeze yoga back into my daily routine
getting through my moving checklist like a champ
feeling an alternating sense of overwhelm and contentment

gratitude for...
figs growing in the alley
how much Bee loves pointing out the moon to us
little people helping with packing and cleaning
new life
good books
good kids books
opportunities to share thoughts and ideas
banana ice cream
Chobie's emerging sense of style

What's been keeping you busy lately? Feel free to leave links to your recent posts, I'd love to look at them.

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