Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fabulously Fresh and Clean Chores Checklist with Free Printables

I know. It's supposed to be spring cleaning, but something about autumn approaching gets me jazzed for a household deep cleaning renewal, along with all of the vows to myself to never let it get messy or dirty again.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, with two young children in the house, this is an extreme position to be taking. And maybe that's the point, cleaning binges drive me to the extreme. That's one reason why I've taken the time to create my epic cleaning schedule.

In the busy, ever so demanding world of mommyhood, it's an attainable way to create the solace of a clean and orderly home. It breaks up the compulsive cleaning into manageable sections you can do each day.

In other words, this is my method for achieving the housewife's ultimate dream: a clean home

...while still having enough time in the day to take care of other responsibilities and enjoying life. Since adopting this cleaning routine, even cleaning has become more enjoyable since I'm not driven to a manic state by the overwhelming expectation that I will get it all done today.

The chores schedule is actually broken down like this:
  • Daily Chores: a list of essential chores that get done each day to keep the house functional and keep clutter levels down. These are the ones that get done every day, even when I don't have time or energy for cleaning.
  • Chores for Each Day of the Week: deep cleaning certain parts of the house each day. If one of these gets skipped for a week, I know I'll come back to in next week...which keeps me out of panic when I get to the next day of cleaning.
  • Monthly Chores: take care of all of those areas that are too easy for busy mamas to forget about for months at a time, on a rotating basis.
  • Seasonal Chores: things to do each season to keep the home orderly and free of clutter. 
  • Semi-Annual Chores and Annual Chores: minor DIY repairs and home maintenance.
 I have two lists: one is the master list with all the chores from daily to annual, and the other is a checklist that you can hang in an inconspicuous place to keep track of the daily chores and monthly chores. And there's even a section for kids' chores.

These chore lists have inside and outside chores, along with basic household management tasks, so nothing important gets overlooked.

Get the complete list and the daily checklist. There are plenty of blanks so you can customize according to your needs. You can take a look at my complete list to get an idea of what kinds of things you might want to fill in the blanks with to make the list as detailed as you need.

With this list our houses will sparkle and we'll be calm and collected cleaners, or at least we'll have a solid plan for how that will theoretically take place to carry us beyond the urge to binge clean.

What kind of cleaning schedule has worked for you? 

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  1. I used to be so good at making chore lists, and now that my kids have gotten a bit older and our schedules are even more crazy, I've lost what little organizational skills I did have....this totally inspires me to get back on track though!! Thank you!