Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Learning: Our Trip to the Science Center

Even in the midst of the moving extravaganza, I'm a sucker for the science center. And when my sister called and offered to take us, I decided it was worth it to squeeze it in between filling boxes, yard work, and deep cleaning (not to mention planning chores and thinking about meal planning).

Homeschooling has been very minimal, as in occasional book reading and math games. There have been quite a few birthday parties and other special occasions in the last few weeks too, so a day of hands on learning at the science center was just what our homeschool life needed.

Bee saw some bigger kids moving this giant granite sphere, so he had to try too. The ball has a constant flow of water underneath it, so there is no friction, making it possible to move the four-thousand-pound object relatively easily. I'm not sure that Bee picked up on all that. 

Both of these little people love music (and already show a natural level of musical ability that I have yet to be able to cultivate in all of my years) so they had a good time with the music and sound area.

 Bee found another opportunity to explore friction, static electricity and gravity.

Woah! What's that crazy glowing thing with with all of those gears? Nothing terribly practical, just part of the steam-punk inspired sleep exhibit. 

We had some fun with proportions with this double sized dining table and chair set.

The children made friends with this giant caterpillar statue...

...and helped their Aunt Joy figure out how to put these insect puzzles together. What would she have done without them?

Also enjoyed but not pictured were the enormous cockroaches, various beetles, and naked mole rats, all of whom sparked my morbid curiosity enough to cause me to stare for an extended period, but neglect to take pictures. The children were less interested.

While I've been busy planning, listing and charting other aspects of my life, I've seriously neglected homeschool planning for next year. I had imagined myself working on it all summer and having enough time to dig up the best of the best in online homeschooling resources and delving into the pile of homeschool related books I have...unfortunately the reality has been that deciding to move again has thrown those plans out the window, along with my aspirations for a staycation and refreshing parenting-reflection at home retreat.

I guess it's just time to get busy...I mean busier.

How has summer learning been for you? What are your homeschool plans or domestic organization plans for this year?

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