Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Homeschooling Update

If you've been wondering how homeschooling is going in the midst of summer plans and moving, well it's been very mellow. We did have a chance to do a couple of fun activities this past week.

Although not strictly homeschoooling, (well who knows maybe it counts as PE?) we made some Pinterest-inspired sponge balls to play with. While I was making the balls, Chobie wanted to build a house with the strips of sponge that I had cut. Which gave us the idea of using the sponges as blocks in the pool.

We were surprised to find out that the blocks actually move downwards in the water as you stack them.

And of course, here is how the sponge balls (pinned from Spoonful) turned out...

This is another one down off of the summer fun times list. Hooray!

We made some slime. The kind that used to be called "Gak" and branded by Nickelodeon in the 90s, yeah that kind. Made from Borax and glue. I never actually made it as a kid, so seeing the process was probably as amazing to me as it was to Chobie. Anyway, it was a fun introduction to chemical reactions, how different things can mix and have unexpected results to become something completely different than the original ingredients. Hooray for polymerization!

The theme for this month is pretty loosely inspired around mixing up goo. Since there aren't all that many books on the subject, we are reading some fun and informative books on a variety of other topics including these titles (with links from my independent bookstore affiliate).

Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic

This book is part of a series with alphabet acrostics for each season. We started reading them last fall
 and have made it all the way around to summer. I really like the illustrations and the acrostic poetry is pretty impressive (although the last time I read acrostic poetry, I think it was name poems we made in 5th grade, so I might not have the highest standards).

Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun

Charlotte's Web

I think this is going to work out pretty well because the real theme of this month is moving. So we have lots to do.

What kinds of things are you learning about this summer?

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