Thursday, April 17, 2014

Parallel Projects: Contrast Color Collage and Food Collage

Continuing with our Balance and Contrast theme, Chobie explored the concept of contrasting colors today with a color collage on a black background. 

He cut out shapes from colored paper and glued them on to make a pattern.

Originally, I had the idea that the colored pieces of paper would be torn from the pages to create ragged edges as an interesting visual effect. Chobie, however, would have nothing of the sort and insisted on using scissors (while looking at me like I was crazy).

He also chose to make a “rock” out of black paper to add to his collage, which wasn’t what I had been thinking when I showed him the project, but it provided the perfect opportunity to compare the effect of contrasting and non-contrasting elements.

While Chobie worked on his collage, and Bee did some “grocery shopping” by pushing his play cart around and filling it with items from our cupboards, and I made a little collage myself.

I haven’t always been a fan of collages. I am trying to get more into it, but honestly they almost always all turn out looking essentially the same, at least the amateur do-it-yourself-cut-from magazines ones that I make. So I tried doing something a little different.

Years ago I had the idea of creating a kitchen altar of sorts by decorating a wall of my kitchen with inspiring images to remind me of the importance of loving, intentional food preparation and to invoke gratitude for all of the plants, animals, and unnamed human hands who make it possible for me to feed my family each day.

With that in mind I put together this collage image of a goddess of plenty. I wanted her to be round, voluptuous. It’s not my favorite project, but I’ll admit it’s growing on me. She can at least be a stand in until I get my kitchen witch (doll) created, if she does not become a permanent fixture.

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