Friday, April 25, 2014

A New (Brilliant) Way to Label Mason Jars

Oh, the versatile mason jar. 

When you use them for bulk food storage or herbs, it’s nice to put a label on them. The problem is that I haven’t found a satisfying labeling technique yet.

I started out with the cute little labels that come with the pack of jars. My thinking had been that if I just reused the jars for the same herb repeatedly, then I could keep the labels on them. Unfortunately, this theory did not hold up to dish washing. I just ended up with goo on the jars.

Since then I’ve tried using various tapes, but they usually don’t stick well or are unpleasant to look at. My most common method has been to not label the jars. Thus, it’s been impossible for anyone but me to find anything in my herb cabinet. And as for the bulk flour, some jars end up being mysterious even to me.

So, inspired by a pin I saw for storing matches, I cooked up this new labeling system.

Using old paper grocery bags, I made an insert between the lid and the ring to use as a label.

Just trace the lid.

Cut along the inside of the outline, otherwise it will be too big.

Assemble jar!

I used mine for my nourishing morning tea blend of nettle, red raspberry leaf, oat straw and mint. 

What will you put in your new jars?
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1 comment:

  1. Simple and brilliant! I hate the sticky residue and sometimes the tops get smeared, love this idea!!