Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homemade Spray Paint with Button Resists

Homemade spray paint? That's right. And, it's so easy.

Mix 1 part water soluable paint (like an inexpensive acrylic craft paint) with 3 parts water in a misting spray bottle. Done.

To do the button resists project you'll also need:
  • buttons, or other easy-to-clean small items in varying shapes (pattern blocks would work well)
  • homemade spray paint
  • thick drawing or watercolor paper that can absorb the paint

(Bee was really excited to get started)

We used plastic buttons as resists on sheets of white paper to create a design...

...then sprayed.


Just to get extra nerdy, I started a pattern with the buttons that Chobie completed.

Chobie also had the idea of standing the buttons upright to balance them (perfect, right? since our current theme is Balance and Contrast).

We sprayed from one direction to get this effect.

Are you going to play with some homemade spray paint and resists? I would love to see the results! Tell me about it or post a link in the comments below.

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