Saturday, September 6, 2014


Despite my best intentions to take a moment to share some photos of our stacks (and stacks, and stacks) of boxes on the blog that have occupied every waking moment of time during the last couple of weeks, I'm just now getting around to posting. 

We have moved and unpacked the essentials.

I've been using the excuse that I haven't had time because I've been busy with other responsibilities in my life, which is mostly true. The first eight weeks of kindergarten have officially been planned! We're due to start next Monday, so this weekend's major goal is to get all the homeschool stuff unpacked and organized.

Meanwhile, here are a few sneaky peeks at our new place...

 In the yonder woodlands there lies a little creek for splashing and playing where the salmon run and river otters also play...Hooray!

The house itself is an old 40's farm house that has been redone with all kinds of cute and whimsical details like the spiral above...
...and special even littler details like this little green man hiding in the corner.

  The house also has lots of built in storage, which I love. This is a corner of the room that will be the office/homeschool/project zone. Likely where I will be spending most of my time.

 How about these wine crate shelves in the kitchen?

Cast iron match holder by the wood-stove.

Our new chicken coop and tiny flock of chickens. I took this pic on our way out to feed the chickens.

Here is most of our flock, enjoying their breakfast. 

The future site of our food production (or at least some of it) and our winter garden. 

More woodland views.

And finally, this enchanted little spot for gnomes and fairies and toddlers to roam.  It is underneath an enromous mulberry tree. No not mulberry bush, mulberry tree. I was thinking that this would be a cute place for a fairy garden.

We've got a bit of space here, I'd say enough to officially drop the idea of "urban" from my homesteading pursuits. If you've been a long time follower of Handmade Life, or if you've taken the time to snoop around the archives, then you'll know that this family has mostly lived rurally and that last year we did a bit of urban living. Our new place is definately rural, but it's close enough into town that I still feel like I'm practically in town, like getting groceries is not a major excursion like it has been in the past.

Anyway, I'm so happy to be here with littles and critters roaming around this beautiful place. Hopefully we can finish the unpacking in time for homeschool to start on Monday!

How are your end of summer transitions going? 

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