Cabbages and Kindergarteners

Last week, we started our year of kindergarten. Yes, it's at home, and we've already been homeschooling for a year, so I didn't really think it was going to feel like a big deal to me so I was surprised how sentimental I felt about it.

I abandoned the theme thing that we were doing last year in favor of a more flexible approach, sometimes I had great ideas, or he got interested in things that didn't fit into the theme, so they got overlooked or just didn't get as much energy as they could have.

One of the big focuses right now is practicing lower case letters and learning name writing.

Chobie stamped out his name in letters.

And of course, we have been doing crafts and handwork.

In the spirit of the changing season and the continued harvest, we found this giant cabbage at the farmer's market. We'll be making sauerkraut soon.

Yes, that is a regular sized egg.

This last week has been really fun, since we've been getting ready and making decorations for Chobie's birthday party that's coming up this weekend. More on that to come.

How are things going getting back into your fall routines? 

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