Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kids Book Review: A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison

A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison is becoming one of my favorite books to read with my kids.

We picked it up last year while we were doing a water theme, and I liked it so much that we are reading it again this year as one of our morning circle time books.

The book follows the path of a drop of water from raincloud down a mountain into a brook in a farmer's field. The water winds past plants and animals that depend on the water source. My favorite part about this book is that the illustrations of plants and animals are so realistic that you can teach plant, animal and bird identification from the book.

My kids like flipping through the pages and pointing to the animals and plants as I read about them. It shows the connections between living beings with each other and with their environment. This is a great book for cultivating an appreciation of the natural world and the importance of clean water.

The ecology in the book is not a perfect match for the Pacific Northwest where we are, so if I could change anything about this book it would be the setting. But for all of the folks who do live out east, this aspect wouldn't be a problem either.

Overall rating:

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