5 Ways Homeschool Makes Life Better for us Grownups

The days are growing noticeably shorter, apples are falling off the trees, and we are getting back into the rhythm of our normal routines after a much too long hiatus caused by our move.

But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder (it's still Lady Cluck who says it in my head). I really missed homeschooling during our summer break. Coming back to it, I feel a renewed sense of passion and vigor. While all of the things that I love about homeschool are fresh, I thought I'd put together this little list just in case I need to look back on it for inspiration come the dark and dreary days of January.

I know that homeschool is the best choice right now for Chobie, but I have to be honest: homeschooling is a huge time commitment. There are times when I would rather work on my own sewing project than call Chobie to sit down and read the same book to me. So this list is also a reminder of how I benefit from homeschooling.

1. The Rhythm and Structure is brings to my grown-up day.
Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just my Saturn return, but being a stay at home mom of two little guys all of the days can kind of run together obscuring my best intentions at keeping up on my own projects and interests.

With a homeschool schedule planned out, I know exactly how much time I do have so I don't end up taking on too much, or thinking that I have an infinite open ended amount of time to work on things, because I know when those two hours of nap time arrive, they are the only two hours I'll get.

2.  The chance to Learn More, often about things I never knew I could care about. As we follow Chobie's interests and find answers to his questions (how long does it take barnacles to grow? why do balloons shrink in the sun?) I find myself wondering more about the world around me. Honestly, I never thought I would want to know more about cars than how to make one take me where I wanted to go, but with Chobie's curiosity inspiring me, I'm about to call up dear old dad and actually ask for a lecture. Well...at least I've thought about it.

3. A good reason to Get my Craft on. I've always been a crafter, but when it's tied in with my child's education, crafting becomes a priority. Plus, more crafting = better crafting skills. Already, I've improved my hand-stitching skill. All of those handsewn Waldorf style figurines for our nature table are paying off.

4. More motivation to Socialize. Yes, I know that one of the number one concerns with homeschooling is that homeschooled children will not be allowed outside of the confines of the four walls of their homes, and thus reach adulthood without the ability to interact with other humans. But what about those lonely work-at-home moms like myself?

I know that Chobie and Bee need other kids to play with, and having them at home instead of in school gives me a good reason to get out of the house and meet other families with kids. Not that I don't have my own friends that I like to spend time with, but honestly, with work and crafting projects and gardening all at home, I can spin myself into a little self-contained, socially isolated vortex. Taking the time to get out with my kids helps me to socialize too.

5. My Kids. I love being with my kids all the time, watching them learn and grow and try new things. Like when Bee started singing the alphabet song earlier this week but only with the letter "A." It keeps my oxytocin going being around these little people. Love is a good feeling to be immersed in every day. And with that as a baseline, I know it makes the frustrating, stress-ridden moments a little bit easier too.

What do you love about homeschooling? 

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